Floating Real Estate: Karina Czapiewzka - Episode 06

April 8, 2018

 The guest of this episode is real estate expert Karina Czapiewska, from the architecture firm Blue21. This episode is the first of the Floating Architecture, Engineering and Design Series of the Blue Frontiers Podcast. In this episode Karina speaks about architecture and design details of the Floating Island Project. Karina answers questions crowdsourced from Blue Frontiers' Telegram channel (Blue Frontiers Community) and its Facebook page. These questions are related to the architecture and design of the Floating Island Project. Karina also explains the difference between floating structures and processes such as land filling. She points out how the real estate industry is slowly opening to building floating structures on the ocean. You'll love this podcast if you are interested in moving to a seastead one day and want to customize your house and neighbourhood as much as you want.

1:20 Vegan seasteads
2:31 Overfishing
3:39 Blue Frontiers Telegram channel
4:15 Cost of the Floating Island Project in French Polynesia
5:37 3D printing and manufacturing of seasteads
7:39 Building the Rotterdam Floating Pavillion
9:10 Building the Floating Island Project in French Polynesia
10:42 Creating habitats for fish and corals on seasteads and the influence on marine life on the design
12:53 Underwater gardens and windows
13:29 Underwater light pollution
15:17 If there was unlimited amount of money, what technological challenges there would be?
17:28 Melting of the ice caps
18:40 Tsunamis on seasteads?
20:39 Mooring systems
21:07 Solar analysis and location of the platforms
22:30 Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion OTEC
24:04 Eolic energy
24:40 Solar energy
25:59 Materials for the seastead
27:17 Size and connections of the platforms
29:40 Floating bridge in Thailand


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