The Blue Frontiers Podcast

AI, Automation, Robotics, & Innovation on the High Seas: Egor Ryjikov - Episode 05

March 20, 2018

This episode is the fifth and last of the Founder Series of the podcast. The guest is co-founder Egor Ryjikov. Egor feels passionated about robotics and engineering. In this episode Egor and Nathalie talk about uses of robots on seasteads, floating farms, floating data centers and artificial intelligence. Egor also explains the project he leads in Blue Frontiers, called Blue Frontiers Global. Blue Frontiers Global is the name given to program of working groups, think tanks, volunteers and ambassadors of Blue Frontiers. This program seeks to localize seasteading chapters around the world, connecting people who, as Egor, have a passion for technology and seasteading.


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