The Blue Frontiers Podcast

Innovating in Governance with Innovative Zones: Mark Lutter - Episode 18

June 28, 2018

Do you want to find out why can’t you text 911, what makes Dubai so special or what makes Disney such a safe place? Find out in this episode of the Blue Frontiers Podcast, where our Seavangelesse, Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, speaks to Mark Lutter, the Director of the Centre for Innovative Governance Research.



0:54 Introduction to Mark Lutter

1:31 The Centre for Innovative Governance Research

2:54 World Free Zone Organization Conference

4:18 Innovating in governance and the net impact of innovating with Special Economic Zones

6:58 Multi-use zones and the limitations or single-use zones for achieving sustained growth

8:25 Determining and expanding the size of zones

9:15 Adapting regulations for attracting businesses

11:00: Neom, new city in Saudi Arabia

11:50 Chances of succeeding of seasteading

14:00 The importance of not putting all eggs in one basket

15:05 How to create zones

16:55 Getting the legal autonomy from a host country

18:09 Using existing trade routes and infrastructure

21:00 Educating about zones

21:56 Creating legitimacy by working with governments

22:45 The role of the Centre for Innovative Governance Research

24:10 Economic Zones for refugees

24:35 New city projects

23:30 The main challenge to creating zones

26:50 The role of the Centre for Innovative Governance Research

27:25 Special Economic Zones, charter cities

28:50 Governing with alternative governments

39:35 Proprietary cities

34:50 Natural territory monopolies

35:05 Private water supply

36:50 Disney World’s autonomy

38:18 Dispute resolution mechanisms

39:56 There is no an ideal form of governance

42:44 You can’t text 911… Creating incentives for entrepreneurs

45:55 Smart cities are not enough to spark growth rate…

46:52 Politics gets in the middle of innovating with drones and biotechnologies

49:55 How seasteading can propel innovation

52:28 Mark’s ideal location for a seastead






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