The Blue Frontiers Podcast

Cindicator and Blue Frontiers’ Strategic Partnership: Yuri Lobynstev - Episode 13

May 18, 2018

This episode of the Blue Frontiers Podcast is the first of the Varyon Series. The guest is Cindicaor’s Co-Founder and CTO, Yuri Lobynstev. In this episode Yuri talks to our seavangelesse about the key concepts at the core of Cindicator, such as hybrid intelligence and its future global strategy. Yuri also explains what role does collective intelligence can place in decision-making on sasteads and why he decided to become advisor of Blue Frontiers. The talk also navigates through what intention represents for Yuri and how he became interested in concepts related to the mind and human psychology.





0:00 Intro
0:39 Yuri fall from a motorcycle
1:44 What is Cindicator
3:24 Cindicator on the Moscow Stock Exchange
4:16 Cindicator: 100.000 financial analysts & 160 countries
4:37 Hybrid intelligence
5:04 Cindicator’s App
5:50 Machine learning algorithms to correct human mistakes
6:39 Cindicator’s Global Strategy: creating the Global Brain
14:05: Hybrid intelligence on seasteads
17:42 Cindicator’s ICO selection process
20:56 Intention: Yuri’s trajectory in the realm of dreams, the human mind, psychology, the human brain and computers
35:27 Cindicator and Blue Frontiers
40:04 Blue Frontiers’ Insiders Access Week in Tahiti & French Polynesia
42:58 Yuri’s & Cindicator's role as an advisor of Blue Frontiers, the Varyon & the smart contract
47:11 Why contemporary world is so special
49:57 Advices for CEO’s doing ICO’s
53:29 Closing


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