The Blue Frontiers Podcast

Freedom & Friedman’s Family Trajectory: David Friedman - Episode 09

May 1, 2018

This episode of the Blue Frontiers Podcast is the first of the new Blue Frontiers Global format, where we will showcase friends of seasteading and Blue Frontiers. The guest of this episode is the legendary economist David Friedman, the father of Patri Friedman, the intelectual parent of seasteading. The recording of this chat took place in Belgrade, Serbia, at Liberticon 2018, thr conference organized by European Students for Liberty. In it our Seavangelesse, Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, had the chance to interview David about his ideas, his son Patri, his early career in physics, seasteading, anarcho-capitalism and even anarcho-communism.





00.50 Introduction to David Friedman’s tour across Europe

3:23 How David feels about the reception of his ideas

5:20 The origin of the name Varyon

5:57 How David feels about his son Patri

6:50 Private courts on seasteads

7:50 The importance of trial and error in forms of governance

10:10 The origin of Special Economic Zones

11:20 Anarcho-capitalism and anarcho-communism

13:40 Families as communist institutions

15:20 David’s upbringing of his children

14:25 The importance of no blueprints

16:50 Nathalie’s PhD research about David Friedman’s work and Elinor Ostrom’s

17:30 Seeing like a State and The Art of not Being Governed

22:30 Legal Systems very Different from Ours (David Friedman’s book)

23:07 Why Friedman would never run for president

23:48 David’s intellectual trajectory from classical economics to libertarianism

25:50 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, one of David’s favorite books

26:50 David’s early life as a physicist PhD student writing about economics

23:00 James Buchanan & Gordon Tullock

31:20 David early research positions, his wife

32:10 Compensation of enforcement

38:20 David’s PhD thesis on a mathematical understanding of elementary particles

38:50 Econophysics

39:50 Goodbye



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