The Blue Frontiers Podcast

The Decentralist Manifesto: Max Borders - Episode 15

May 29, 2018

This episode was a complete surprise for our seavangelesse. The chat was recorded at the Startup Societies Summit in Washington D.C. Max Borders, co-founder of Voice and Exit, and guest of this podcast, speaks with our seavangelesse, Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, about all her favorite subjects: complexity science, chaos, entropy, dissipative systems, heterarchies, seasteading and polycentrism. The chat also focuses on concepts that are at the core of Max’s interests; panarchy spiral dynamics, holacracy, mutual aid, decentralized, distributed systems and the social singularity. This is the title of Max´s latest book, which is also discussed in this improvised conversation.

0:00 Introduction to Max Borders
1:25 The End of Politics
2:48 Mutual Aid
4:45 Holochain
5:30 Distributed Income Support cooperative, DISC
6:30 The solution: Neither the market nor the state
11:10 Polycentrism, polyarchy and panarchy -and seasteading
13:45 Biological systems and ecosystems
15:35 Holacracy
17:30 Heterarchies: from Newtonian models to bio-inspired ones
22:30 Entropy, chaos theory, complex systems and dissipative structures
29:00 The values of the post-ideological world
31:00 Nature is anarchic
32:30 Emergent nested hierarchies
34:05 The Social Singularity
35:20 Stuart Kauffman, self-organization, evolution and critical transition points
38:15 Spiral dynamics
45:30 The future of governance
46:45 Closing; The Decentralist Manifesto




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