The Blue Frontiers Podcast

The Science of Large Floating Structures: Chien Ming Wang - Episode 07

April 17, 2018

This episode is about engineering and materials of seasteads. The episode’s guest is Professor Wang Chien Ming. Professor Wang is the Blue Frontiers’ advisor in structural engineering of very large floating structures. In this very entertaining and insightful episode, Professor Wang describes many examples of already existing very large floating structures. Professor Wang and our seavangelesse also speak of the nanomaterials that can make seasteads, such as graphene oxide, one of Professor Wang’s subjects of research, and what implications it would have. 


1:14 Very Large Floating Structures

2:00 Stability on seasteads

2:30 Japanese 1 km floating structure

3:55 The speed of building floating structures

4:35 Coastal countries propensity to building floating structures

5:00 Floating tradition in Japan

5:40 Prices of floating structures

6:25 Examples of floating structures in the world: floating hotels, restaurants, docks, surfing docks, pools for surfing with natural waves, prisons, bicycle tracks, walking lane in China larger than Manhattan, floating golf course in Maldives, floating fuel containers, 1 km floating skyscraper in Japan

11:20 600 million floating forest project in Australia

22:20 Floating beach

24:00 Floating underwater bridge in Longyearbyen, Norway

31:45 Types of floating structures

33:25 Types of floating structures for seasteads (ponthoon and semi-submersible)

34:20 Station-keeping systems for seasteads

41:30 Professor Wang’s patent on Gill Cells for disturbing the buoyancy force

46:10 Tunnel liquid continuum Dampers

47:57 Carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide-reinforced concrete

53:17 Glass-fiber reinforced polymers

56:10 Professor Wang’s daily work

49:55 Properties of nano-reinforced concrete

59:07 Uses of nano composites on seasteads

1:06:30 Floating structure to tackle problems of the nexus

1:07:89 Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

1:10:55 Wave energy

1:50:50 Fresh water lakes inside the ocean

1:15:00 Farming fish on the ocean

1:17:00 Underwater living



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