The Blue Frontiers Podcast

The Values of ZenCash and Blue Frontiers: Robert Viglione - Episode 14

May 22, 2018


The guest of this episode is Robert Viglione, co-founder of ZenCash. In this friendly conversation with our Seavangelesse, Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, Robert speaks of the long-plans of ZenCash, its partnerships and, of course, seasteading. This chat is a one hour conversation about why and how the value of ZenCash align those of Blue Frontiers and of seasteading.



0:00 Intro of Rob Viglione

0:26 How is ZenCash relevant for liquid democracy models of governance in seasteading
3:44 Professionalization of blockchain
5:22 ZenCash’s company departments  
6:55 Rob’s life as an academic
8:31 Why the rejection towards the blockchain space
10:13 Why Rob loves seasteading so much
11:11 Rob’s prediction about the future of seasteading
12:00 How the values of Seasteading and Blue Frontiers match the values of ZenCash
12:54 Floating Island Project in French Polynesia
13:35 Once you go crypto, you don’t go back
14:31 Governance through uses of blockchain on seasteads
16:17 Rob did the first Bitcoin transaction in Afghanistan
18:33 Exiting and a post-ideological world
18:59 Decentralized governance brings security
22:13 Why reducing complexity makes no sense
24:30 Inequalities and decentralisation in crypto projects and the world
28:37  Why nation-states are violent systems that don’t work
31:57 Selective transparency; the future
33:52 ZenCash’s public Trello Roadmap
36:50 Open source or not open source?
42:06 Evolving systems to create multiple DAOs competing
43:40 ZenCash and Seasteadings are the best friends in the world
44:38 First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering 2017
46:35 The effects on a world with seasteads
47:49 Ideal properties of a community and the importance of humility
51:38 Hero Engine World, Ethland, Blue Frontiers and Rob’s projects
53:59 Keep Calm &…
55:02 The Varyon, the cryptocurrency of seasteads
57:21 “our parents’ generation was all hippies…but they were poor hippies. We now wit cryptocurrencies can afford to make this stuff a reality. We are going going to create a more peaceful happy clean world”
59:20 How to join Blue Frontiers community on Telegram



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